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With rising consciousness of the cruelty caused by diamonds, the tanking economy, and changing fashion trends, diamonds have become less popular as an engagement ring choice in the past several years. If you desire to get engaged but desire no part in the diamond trade or don’t want to pay for a diamond, you may be wondering if it’s probable to obtain a beautiful and tough engagement ring without getting a diamond. Here are some alternative options:

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Sapphires are most often thought of as blue stones, but they come in a range of colors, from pink to clear. If you like the look of diamonds but hate the cost and cruelty connected with them, white sapphires can be an excellent choice. Moreover, sapphires are almost as hard as diamonds, making them a beautiful and durable choice. Sapphires make a good-looking center stone on an engagement ring, and are also great as side decoration stones. There are plentiful sites specializing in sapphire engagement rings, but has some of the prettiest settings, and they guarantee that all of their stones are conflict-free.

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Moissanite looks so much like a diamond that when it was discovered in the early 20th century, it was mistaken for a diamond! This stone essentially comes from a meteor, but is now typically manufactured in a lab. Moissanite can be almost as expensive as diamonds, but the lab manufactured varieties are cheaper. If you like the look of diamonds but don’t want to contribute to the diamond trade, moissanite is a brilliant choice. Check out

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Cubic Zirconia

Cubic Zirconia has been much-maligned as a cheap, shabby version of a diamond. But the truth is this is just the diamond industry trying to persuade you to buy diamonds. High quality CZ’s are like two peas in a pod from diamonds to the bare eye, and almost as hard as diamonds. There are now lots of websites that offer beautiful CZ settings with gorgeous jewel side stones. You can even obtain a diamond ring you like custom made with CZ for much cheaper. Check out for some cubic zirconia works of art.

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