yellow gold wedding rings

yellow gold wedding rings

yellow gold wedding rings
Height: 2036
Date: 22/1/38
Time: 15:46:44
DCS4XX Image
FW Ver: 012396
TIFF Image
Look: Portrait
Counter: [20]
ISO: 80
Aperture: F45
Shutter: 30
Lens (mm): 60
Exposure: M
Program: LA
Exp Comp: 0.0
Meter area: Mtrx
Flash sync: Norm
Drive mode: S
Focus mode: M
Focus area: Wide
Distance: 1.0m

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  1. Craig Blackman says:

    I would like permission to use a picture in this advertisement -yellow wedding ring-for my book. I have a chapter devoted to marriage and the ring fits in perfectly. I will credit your company name-Tiffany-in teh credits. Is that possible?

    Craig Blackman

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