Bridal Tiaras

Ideas on Bridal Tiaras

By Rachael Hand

Bridal tiaras have varied so much throughout history ranging from your classical royal coronets and princess styled tiaras to the side tiaras and asymmetrical designs that are now so on trend. So which style should you go for?

A lot of this depends upon your hairstyle and your dress design. If you have your heart set upon the classic princess tiara look, then there are plenty of good quality crystal tiaras to choose from. These are usually symmetrical in shape reaching a peaked height in the centre then tapering at each side. This particular tiara looks great with hair that is kept long and flowing or a half up-do style so that your tiara can have the three dimensional height against the hair and stand out beautifully. If you ask a designer to design one for you, you can even incorporate your accent colour using Swarovski crystals to highlight the colour you are using as your wedding theme. Or you could incorporate that ‘something blue’ into it with the crystals in this colour!

If you want to have a structured chignon (bun) then this is an ideal style for a half coronet. These are basically half of a crown shape that again is symmetrical in its ratios but tends to taper to a greater height in the centre than a standard and classical tiara. Again, the choice is yours with regards to the stones used and you can either keep it simple or embellish away and create a masterpiece that will shout out class and style.

What about the very on trend side swept hair style that a lot of brides are opting for. This is a very versatile hairstyle that can feature a number of bridal tiaras. The side tiara is so on trend at the moment and generally in design is asymmetrical. This means that the majority of the feature is down one side of the tiara and once the headband has been wrapped in pure silk to match your hair colour, this type of side tiara seemingly floats within your hair. As you can imagine, this create a very dramatic and exquisite look on the photographs. If you incorporate some vintage silver Marcasite and fresh water pearls with maybe some muted tones of Swarovski, you have a headdress even the Duchess of Cambridge would be proud of! It will sparkle amazingly in both natural and the romantic lighting of your evening do!

So, bridal tiaras are still very much ‘good to go’ and especially the side tiara being a particular favourite of discerning brides out there. Find a company who will give you free design advice and who will work with your ideas, style and budget to create that extra special tiara for you, your very own heirloom ever after.