Amazing Vera Wang Wedding Invitations

vera wang wedding invitations

It’s only fitting that designer Vera Wang produces a line of wedding invitations that break the mold with elegance and style. After all, her career as a famous designer was inspired by her unsuccessful search for a wedding dress. Wang, seeking the ideal wedding dress for a sophisticated, adult bride, was dismayed to find that nearly everything she looked at had a “sameness” to it, and that they all seemed to be designed for “younger brides”. It took a few years, but Wang took that disappointment in finding the right wedding dress and turned it into a bridal design company.

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Unique Wedding Themes Ideas You Never Imagine

unique star wars wedding theme

Today there are more brides who choose to have unique wedding themes like Star Wars wedding theme above. The idea of using a unique wedding theme becomes increasingly popular due to some reasons. One of the reasons is that the traditional wedding is simply pricing the couples out. And others want to have something different, bigger and grander than the nuptial event before it.

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