How to Choose the Color of Wedding Dresses

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white wedding dresses

What Color Should You Choose for the Best Wedding Dress?

Do you still remember the black and white photographs of your parents’ wedding day? With thick makeup and big wedding ball gown while standing rigidly facing the camera. Have you ever imagined standing long time while wearing such kind of heavy ball gown and trying to keep your balance and elegance when walking down the aisle?

Well, it probably cannot be imagined. We who are going to get married today are luckier since now the wedding dress trend has a tendency to create a lighter, simpler and more modern style. One thing that almost never changes is to make white color as the favorite.

blue wedding dresses

Thousand or million girls in the world dream to have a perfect wedding day and imagine wearing a perfect white wedding dress. They have imagined that even before they get their perfect spouse. Why does the choice fall into the white color? Where is it from originally?

It was Queen Victoria who married with Prince Albert in 1840 and popularized white wedding gowns that we know till today. In that time, blue wedding gowns were more popular among the England people. The wedding gown worn by the queen gave a confession of wedding dress style for the women in England then.

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The popularity of white wedding gown closely relates to the tradition held strongly. Almost most of parents avoid their daughters to wear colorful wedding dresses. It is based on the belief that white symbolizes the purity and cleanness. The strong determination for this tradition seems to ignore the fact that different touch to wedding dress color is able to give different accents. Among the western people, there is an unpleasant myth around other wedding colors besides white. These old rhymes probably participate to bring the tradition brought by white wedding dress.

• Married in white, you have chosen all right.
• Married in green, ashamed to be seen.
• Married in red, you will wish yourself dead.
• Married in blue, you will always be true.
• Married in yellow, ashamed of your fellow.
• Married in black, you will wish yourself back.
• Married in pink, your spirits will sink.

Luckily, this myth has changed along with the rotation of time. Together with the changing of shape and pattern of wedding gown, white color is sometimes regarded as a boring color for outstanding wedding dress designers. Today there are many celebrities wearing colorful wedding dresses. Vera Wang, a genius designer, often combines some colors with white wedding gowns which are adorned with sweet belt or sash.

You do not need to change the color of your wedding gown drastically if you do not feel sure. You can different look by applying these tricks.

You can add a cape or bolero with some colors like gold, beige, or cream which is combined with your white wedding gown.
The addition of colorful brocade in the lower part of your gown can be a beautiful detail which looks creative. You can also add colorful ribbons on the waist and under the breast. And then add a big broche in the middle of the ribbons. Colorful classic embroidery will give a certain nuance which is suitable with the color of your wedding theme. The addition of colorful details on your gown can matched with your wedding bouquet or your bridesmaid dresses.

classic wedding dresses

It is easy, isn’t it? If you have a little bit courage and creativity, some changes you make will be able to give a different sense on your wedding dress. It is about wedding day that you have been longing for long time in your life time. Besides you hear other people’s opinions, this is not wrong to hear your own opinion to get your best wedding dresses or gowns.

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