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wedding dress for pear shape

The Right Body Shape for the Right Wedding Dress

Every person is born differently and owing to this difference, one wedding dress that suits you will not always be suitable for another person. And that is why wedding dress comes with different styles of size, color, fabric and of course price. In order for a bride to know which wedding dress is best suitable with her, it is very essential for her to know the type of her body shape. Here are some body shapes and what wedding dress style goes pleasantly with it.

wedding dress for apple shape

Pear Shape – This kind of body shape has the upper part which looks smaller than the lower part. For a bride with a pear shape, you have to really pay your attention to the cut of your hips. If you choose the wrong gown, you will look even puffier than you should be. You also have to avoid dresses which are too tight. A design of wedding dress that seems loose and falling down will create a subtler impression on the hips. As the result, the curve your body will look firm. In order to make the dress looks more balanced and elegant, a bride is able to add accessories such as necklaces or give more accents on the chest.

Apple Shape – Most of apple body shapes come with a shoulder which looks wider than the hips. Generally, a bride with apple shape has a short neck. So, you really have to know your body shape and do not choose the wrong neckline on your wedding dress. For the apple body shape, it is better to opt for a wedding dress with a cut that has interesting details around the neckline. It will take the attention to go to the stomach area.

wedding dresses for hourglass shape

Hourglass Shape – It is the dream of every bride to have an hourglass body shape or body guitar. This shape usually looks sexy and curve. With any kind of wedding dress style, a bride with hourglass shape will be able to highlight her sexiness. And with this perfect body shape, a bride will always look suitable with any style of wedding dresses.

wedding dress for hourglass shape

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