Wedding Hand Bouquets Story

artificial hand bouquet

Long time ago many people said that if the bridesmaids who desired to be “infected” from the bride to marry would attempt to take the tear of the bride’s wedding dress to take home. You can see in your mind’s eye how sad the bride who came home with torn dress. Well, fortunately that tradition is altered with the bride who throws a bouquet of flowers before leaving the location of the wedding. It is believed that the tradition of throwing a wedding hand bouquet which is believed to come since the 14th century is believed to bring a good luck to women who are able to catch it. It was also said that the woman who caught it was the woman who would marry after that. A story behind the wedding hand bouquets is revealed. In the beginning, the bride brought only a pinch of herbs. The fragrant herbs were believed to work against the influence of the forces of evil, misfortune, and disease. In general, the brides use garlic. Then in the days of Greek and Roman, the tradition was changed with pinning a bunch of flowers on the bride’s hair as a symbol of life and fertility. Now the luckiness of getting wedding hand bouquets is still alive since there are still many women who try hard to get them from the brides. Find more lovely wedding hand bouquets.

orchid crystal flowers hand bouquet
roses wedding hand bouquet
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