Wedding Shoes for the Big Calves and Legs

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Perfect Wedding Shoes for the Brides with Big Calves and Legs

Most wedding shoes are usually designed for the brides with ideal foot shapes so that they look elegant. What about wedding shoes for the brides with big calves and legs?

Wearing wedding shoes with rope accents (sling back or gladiator-style shoes) would not be a good choice for the brides who have big feet, since it will just emphasize their ankle area.

And wearing wedding shoes with contrasting colors (red, yellow) as much as possible must be avoided as it will create shorter and bigger look of legs.

Opting for white or beige wedding shoes will be better. For the shape of the shoes, it is best suitable to choose a shoe pump (closed) since it is very appropriate to cover the ankle area.

pump wedding shoes

Wearing stiletto will not be proper since it will make the leg look longer. If you are the brides who have big calves, you should opt for strappy or sling back shoes.

This style of shoes will emphasize the bottom of the foot, particularly the wrist. On the contrary, it is very recommended avoid wearing pump shoes as it will make the legs look “sink”.

Adorning with some accents such as ribbon or strap on the shoes is very accommodating to help creating the sense of the feet and calves which will look more balanced.

Be pleased if you have the ideal foot shape. You may wear any form of wedding shoes. You only have got to create a harmony with the form and color of your wedding dress.

Nevertheless, you can try to wear high-heeled wedding shoes if you want to look sexy. A touch of crystals as the detail will make you look glamorous. With the above ideas in your mind, a bride with big calf and legs will look great in her wedding ceremony.

strappy wedding shoes
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