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Blank wedding invitation is one style of wedding invitation design with minimal details. Having blank wedding invitations can be a way to save money on the wedding invitation preparations. With the wide variety of blank wedding invitations available, there is a way for every couple to tackle this do-it-yourself project with minimal effort.

blank wedding invitations

Opting for blank invitations can really save the brides and grooms both money and time particularly if a stationer needs some weeks to print a proof copy and then fulfill the rest of the invitation order. Blank wedding invitation cards come with other benefits.

They let the couple personalize their invites quickly and easily especially for the style and wedding invitation wording. This can be particularly accommodating for couples who are planning a very unique or unconventional wedding event when traditional invitations may seem out of place.

blank wedding invitation ideas
white blank wedding invitations

Blank wedding invitations can be as cheap as just fifty cents per invitation or as expensive as $5 or more per invitation. The cost level depends on the size, style, type of material, and quantity ordered.

Most manufacturers offer greater discounts for larger quantities, and ordering early can prevent rush fees or other incidental charges. With the above facts, blank wedding invitations can be your consideration.

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