Chocolate and Pink Wedding Invitations

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You can let your guests know the color scheme of your wedding by using chocolate and pink wedding invitations. By pairing these two contemporary colors, you will make your wedding a stunning sight to see. And by incorporating it into your stationary brings the entire theme together.

chocolate and pink wedding invitations

These two colors, chocolate and pink are spring or summer color duos which are very trendy for weddings. The wedding accessories industry has exploded with unique wedding invitation options since there are more brides who choose to go with a modern wedding scheme.

chocolate and pink wedding invitation designs

You will find that there are various shades of pink and chocolate that can be implemented to create unique invites. For the brides who prefer choosing spring weddings, they may focus more on a pastel or petal pink. In the meantime, for weddings in mid-summer a bright fuchsia or cherry pink is a better choice. Chocolate browns can range from dark espresso to mocha or even a deep tan.

Graphics are often featured for color combinations for wedding themes. They are used as the main design element. From circles to squares and stripes to hearts, just about any kind of design works with these colors. And there are other popular design elements for pink and chocolate wedding invitations such as polka dots, confetti swirls, floral and paisleys.

brown and pink wedding invitations
chocolate and pink wedding invitation pictures

There are a number of sources for you to order chocolate and pink wedding invitations. The bridal boutiques are the places that you can visit to check the invitations. A number of wedding dress stores provide various other wedding accessory needs, like invitations, either directly or by offering referrals to other local retailers. You may accept a discount on your invitations if you order through the same place you purchased your dress. Other sources for getting chocolate and pink wedding invitations are the online print shops. You may find cheap chocolate and pink wedding invitations online that fit your needs.

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