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The Disney wedding invitation card is one of many creative and beautiful wedding invitation themes. Disney wedding invitations look wonderful and whimsical as a way to announce your marriage. From cute designs to elegant designs, Disney wedding invitation styles are various to match your wedding. The themes of Disney invitation are also various.

Most of them are based on the figures or characters in Disneyland. Here are some of them for your Disney wedding invitation ideas and inspirations.

disney wedding invitations

Mickey and Minnie Mouse are popular characters from Disney. They are the classic cute couple. Having them on your wedding invitations are able to represent a long lasting, pure and sweet love. What better way to begin your marriage? Mickey and Minnie wedding invitations come in a variety of styles, including bold black, fun bright colors, and elegant white or ivory embossing.

disney wedding invitation cards
disney wedding invitations-mickey minnie mouse
disney wedding invitations-cinderella

The other characters that can inspire you are Cinderella and Prince Charming. The Cinderella and Prince Charming wedding invitation is another classic. Alluding to true love, finding your ‘one and only,’ and living ‘happily ever after,’ Cinderella wedding invitations become a well-liked option.

Cinderella wedding invitations are the perfect touch for a variety of weddings, especially for the brides and grooms who want to have a fairy tale themed wedding. Many Cinderella wedding invitations are available in some colors such as white, ivory, and even pastel colors, but there are also more colorful styles available as well.

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