Do It Yourself Wedding Invitations

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Having do-it-yourself or DIY wedding invitations can be an option to save money for the brides and grooms. Planning is an essential key for having homemade invitations pay off in the end. The problem is that finding ideas and inspirations for do it yourself or DIY wedding invitations can be a bewildering activity particularly when you are not feeling creative.

do it yourself wedding invitations

But with the availability of home computers and the ease of downloading templates, fonts, and special wedding clipart, the budgeting couple has everything required to finish the do-it-yourself wedding invitations project. And what it is not accessible online is easily found in stationery and art supply stores. The first step you have to do is selecting the decorative paper to make your own wedding invitations. It may sound simple, but there are loads of options from classic ivory and white to floral or tropical, depending on whether the wedding is formal or casual.

diy wedding invitations
homemade wedding invitations

Once you have chosen the paper, you can really become creative with fonts, clip art, borders, photos and even your own artistic hand-painted touches. Keeping focused on a tasteful basic is much recommended by the wedding invitation designers as you ponder the possibilities of what to incorporate. And to create a striking border on your wedding invitations, watercolor paints around the edge even blending two colors together can be used.

do-it-yourself wedding invitations

To give the feel of being lovingly handmade, you can use a simple ribbon, dried flower or small shell glued on the invitations and to make it a memorable keepsake you can use a photograph. Do-it-yourself or DIY wedding invitations can be a lovely addition to your wedding plans, as well as fun and easy on your budget.

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