Short Curly Bridal Hairstyles

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short curly bridal hairstyles

Ideas for Short Curly Bridal Hairstyles

For some brides, having short curly bridal hairstyles is a problem since they think that it is difficult to style and maintain. Actually this problem can be solved by choosing the right style for your curls. Just remember that you should not force yourself to have ultra straight hair when your natural hair is curly. And you do not need to think of your curly hair as a curse but as a blessing that makes you look fun, playful, and unique.

short curly bridal hairstyle

There are some curly haired brides who usually have an unmanageable time managing and taming their wild locks. There are some brides who try to wear hats or bandannas while others do something more drastic like straightening their naturally curly hair. This should not be the case. You just have to take care of your hair by washing and shampooing them regularly. If you are looking for some short curly bridal hairstyles ideas, here are some inspirations you may consider.

For the brides who have an oval or elongated face, the best thing that they can do with their hair is to highlight its fullness and body. They can try uniform layers astatine the top, sides, and back of their hair for a full-bodied hairstyle. Even if the hair is blown by the wind, it does not matter since the hair style is naturally messy. This is perfect if they have tight and small curls.

short curly bridal hairstyle for blond hair
short curly bridal hairstyles for blond hair

They can also attempt a formal do with your short curly hair. They can copy Marilyn Monroe’s hairstyle, one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Her hair is short and curly but it looks sexy and sleek because of the style. They can apply hair mousse or gel on their hair to be able to manage it well. This is perfect for girls who have wavy hair or big curls. They can wear this hairdo if they are going to a formal wedding ceremonies. They can also try a bob cut if they have loose curls. Bob is usually linked with straight hair. But they can also do this if they have curly hair. They can add layers for shape and volume and make it even more funky and stylish. With these ideas on your mind, you can beautiful short curly bridal hairstyles.

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