Unique Wedding Themes

(Last Updated On: 27/02/2012)

Today there are more brides who choose to have unique wedding themes. The idea of using a unique wedding theme becomes increasingly popular due to some reasons. One of the reasons is that the traditional wedding is simply pricing the couples out. And others want to have something different, bigger and grander than the nuptial event before it.

unique wedding themes

Your wedding should not be basically the same celebration everyone had. You can have it as simple, elaborate and unique as you are. With unique wedding themes, you will really have an unforgettable wedding day, for you and especially your guests. Here are some ideas for your unique wedding themes.

unique western wedding themes

Unique Western Wedding Theme

You can have the bridal party dress with a western flavor. You can have it outdoors with all western decorations. You can do it up right and change the center of a big barn by draping the sides with organza in your choice of colors to create your own rough hewn cathedral. It will be very nice to have a barbeque reception with a bluegrass band playing in the background as the sun sets over the hills. To make it more unique, probably you will want to get a wagon and some horses for your arrival or departure.

Unique Marina Wedding Theme

unique beach wedding themes

With this, you can freshen up the typical beach themed wedding with one of the many possible variations that make another beach wedding theme turn into an event that will not be soon forgotten. With a marina themed wedding, you can have a wedding by the fresh sea without abandoning the beach all together. You can take advantage of the graceful elegance of sailboats gliding across the water in your décor and a harbor view location for your ceremony, reception or both.

butterfly wedding themes

Unique Butterfly Wedding Theme

You can use butterflies in everything. You can place ornamental butterflies in your flowers. You can also use cake jewelry to add butterflies to the cake or you can even have the pastry chef design your cake around a butterfly theme. You can even release butterflies after the ceremony and at the reception. And of course you can be creative by using butterfly themed favors and decorations.

Certainly there are still many unique wedding themes ideas that you can find out. Bridal magazines and wedding websites are the best sources to get inspirations of unique wedding themes.

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