Wedding Invitation Trend 2012

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Wedding Invitation Trend for 2012. For your happy day, your wedding, you will absolutely want everything to run smoothly. From pre-wedding photos, wedding dress, wedding cake, wedding souvenirs to wedding invitation must be planned well. Talking about wedding invitation, you have to choose it carefully since your wedding invitation is the representation of your wedding party.

wedding invitation 2012

Like any other fashions, the design of wedding invitation will also change along with the change of year. You don’t want to be left behind in trend, do you? Here are some wedding invitation designs that will be the trend in 2012.

For the brides who want to have a classic or modern wedding invitation styles, stripe motif can be a good choice. Line motif with light line in the border will be a suitable choice for you.

Horizontal, vertical and multi colors are those that you can choose. Stripe motifs are predicted to dominate the trend of wedding invitations in 2012.

wedding invitation trend 2012

If you feel bored with wedding invitation with motifs and pictures, you can change them with stones like pearls, beads or rhinestones. The application of these materials will give a luxurious sense on your wedding invitations. For the brides with more budgets, crystal Swarovski can be a beautiful accessory.

Simple but attractive is the sense that you will get when you look at white wedding invitations. To present the sense of sleekness and elegance, you can apply white color with other bright colors for the words.

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