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Things to Know about Wedding Shoes

So, you have prepared your beautiful wedding dress and wedding bouquet, it is time to prepare what a pair of wedding that you are going to wear in your wedding day.

Sometimes people do not really care of wedding shoes. In fact, wedding shoes play a really important role to succeed the wedding ceremony.

A pair of wedding shoes must be elegant, beautiful and comfortable as well. It would be not funny and ridiculous when you are walking the aisle and suddenly you slip and fall down due to the uncomfortable wedding shoes.

strappy wedding shoes

A pair of wedding shoes comes with its own story and history. Besides it will influence the appearance of the wearer, it also relates to the faithfulness of love. Try to remember the story of Cinderella.

Her glassy shoes finally unite her with a handsome prince. Up to the present day, Cinderella glassy shoes still become the inspiration of many wedding shoes designers. The shoes inspire them owing to the simplicity, elegance and luxury.

Along with the development of fashion trend, wedding shoes design also keeps developing. There are lots of models that a bride can choose from.

They can opt for high heel wedding shoes to flat wedding shoes. Wedding shoes color also varies and comes with different motifs that would be easy to find in the bridal shops.

What about the materials? Leather wedding shoes combined with linen or lace and the application of crystals with classic or modern silhouette can be matched with your own personal tastes.

pump wedding shoes

Today wedding shoes also have become the fashion statement. It makes wedding shoes model keeps growing. The brides are no longer faithful to choose the conventional wedding shoes styles. The trend of wedding shoes goes side by side with the trend of wedding dress or gown which becomes more and more modern.

The brides do not only select white satin pump wedding shoes but they also try to wear strappy sandals or sling-backs. Due to the wide variety of wedding shoes model, sometimes the brides get confused to choose the right ones. That is why it is very vital to be selective when choosing your wedding shoes.

For the brides with big legs, they have to avoid wearing sling-backs wedding shoes or gladiator wedding shoes because they will expose the wrist of your legs. It is also important not to try to wear wedding shoes with contrasting colors like red or yellow since they will make your legs look shorter and bigger.

White wedding shoes or beige wedding shoes are best suitable for you. You can also choose pump wedding shoes. And wearing stiletto wedding shoes will make your legs look longer.

slingback wedding shoes

And for the brides with big calves, it is better to wear sling-back wedding shoes or strappy wedding shoes. This model will accentuate the lower part of your legs especially the wrist legs.

Remember not to wear pump wedding shoes since they will make your legs look€. The use of some accents like ribbon is able to create the sense of balance of your legs and calves.

For the brides with ideal legs, they can choose any model of wedding shoes. They just have to harmonize the shoes with the model and color of their wedding gown.

And wearing high heel wedding shoes adorned with some crystal as the accessories will make they look very sexy, glamorous and elegant. But the importance is your wedding shoes must give you comfort that will make you confident in front of your guests.

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