Beach Wedding Centerpieces: Ideas & Inspirations

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What could be more romantic then a beach wedding, surrounded by family and friends, while in the background the ocean plays its own soft music? If you are planning to have a beach wedding theme, you must finish off your beach wedding with beach wedding centerpieces. Beach wedding centerpieces can be easy to do and may not cost very much. You just have to be very creative. In general, you have to think nautical ideas. Here are some ideas for beach wedding centerpieces for your inspirations.
Beach wedding flower centerpieces is a must. Using flowers in your centerpieces would never go wrong. You can include some tropical flowers particularly if you are getting married in an island. Birds of paradise, orchids or hibiscus will be great for tropical wedding.

beach wedding centerpieces

Candles will always be good for centerpieces. You can look for unique candle shapes like bamboo, starfish, seashells or candles that look like coral. You can also purchase votives and pillars that are ornamented with shells, or you can craft them yourself to save money. Then, you can put them in a shallow vase or glass container filled with water, sand and shells. You can also use votive or floating candles in a similar way.

beach wedding centerpieces with shells

For a more nautical wedding centerpiece, you can get a boat or lighthouse at your local hobby or craft store. They can be found very cheap unpainted, and then you paint them yourself. You can create the centerpiece by arranging sand, shells and beach glass on a plate or mirror. Then you can place the small craft boat or lighthouse in the center, each one could also have the table numbers on them to make it easy for guests to find their table in a creative way.

beach wedding flower centerpieces

Another creative idea is using large and small clear glass vases filled with shells and a candle on top. Some of the smaller vases filled with your wedding flowers is a softer and romantic look, as some beach wedding centerpieces can be too plain or harsh without flowers included.

All things related to the beach, sailing and the ocean are the ideas that you can implement. You just have to make sure that your centerpieces fit in with the overall theme and color choices of your wedding and your reception location. Beach wedding centerpieces are the keys to bringing your theme together at your reception.

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