Being Beneficial with DIY Wedding Centerpieces

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One practical way to reduce the wedding expenses is to think about do-it-yourself ideas. There are more than a few parts of your wedding where you can save money by making them yourself. Apart from the popular homemade wedding favors that most brides are opting these days, wedding centerpieces can also be made by you. It might sounds challenging, but not all wedding centerpieces are difficult to do.

wedding centerpieces diy

There are large numbers of beautiful designs which are easy enough to make yourself, and with all the money you save, you can splurge on something with long lasting value, like your wedding jewelry. How will you make the centerpieces at your wedding look distinctive and unique? One great idea is to include unexpected elements among the more usual flowers. For DIY wedding centerpiece ideas, you can browse wedding websites, visit your local florist, and cut pictures of favorite arrangements out of bridal magazines. Then brainstorm levels of difficulty for each arrangement idea with the team. You have to keep in mind the size of the guest list and the fact that one centerpiece is needed for every table and possibly two at the head table.

simple diy wedding centerpieces
diy wedding centerpieces

Instead of using fresh flower arrangements, you may consider using beautiful potted plants. Just visit local nurseries to find seasonal plants that bloom flowers in the colors of your wedding. Then you can plant your flowers in pretty terracotta pots purchased in bulk from a local pottery store. Create a fun way for one guest at each reception table to “win” that table’s centerpiece at the end of the night.

If you have your heart set on floral center pieces but don’t desire the hassle of nursing fresh flowers up to the day of your wedding, you can go for artificial ones. They are easier to manage and your can prepare them well in advance. If you decide on fresh flowers, enlist the help of friends and get them in bulk for wholesale prices or at a farmers market.

diy wedding centerpieces ideas

You may also consider edible DIY wedding centerpieces. It is because guests love a centerpiece they can snack on. You make it by creating fresh fruit arrangements or a miniature wedding candy bar display. You can also add chocolate lollipops or Hershey’s Kisses decorated in glitter, streamers or balloons.

Your wedding centerpieces will be one of the most important and beneficial parts of your wedding decor, so naturally you want them to be fabulous. But fabulous does not have to mean expensive. In fact some of the most beautiful wedding centerpieces are so easy that you can make them yourself.

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