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A garden wedding theme is quite popular among the couples who do not want to have a traditional wedding. Instead of having a wedding in the church, they choose to hold their wedding outdoor. Having a wedding in the garden is very romantic and fresh. Garden wedding themes are frequently chosen in spring. Spring is the perfect time for a wedding, with its all natural beauty and freshness of the season. There are some ideas that you can implement for a garden wedding theme.

garden wedding themes

The garden wedding themes combine the plentiful new growth and flowers which are in bloom. You can include lots of flowers for your garden wedding in different shapes, sizes and colors. The most frequently used flowers for a garden themed wedding are daisies, peonies, calla lilies and lots of green ivy. You can accomplish this by buying fresh flowers that are in season or using everlasting silk flowers. You can create fanciful arrangements in a variety of containers from painted flowerpots to tin watering cans filled with rocks or sand.

table decorations for garden wedding theme

You can bring the beauty of the garden wedding theme to life with a lot of vibrant colors. You can find bridesmaid and attendant apparel in bright colors of pinks, purples or yellows. Your guests both women and men can tuck pretty spring flowers into their hair or lapels. You can drape the wedding or reception hall with tables covered in lots of these same colors, pretty colored-glass candle displays and lots of flowers and greenery.

garden wedding theme decorations

If everything is possible, you can have a garden themed wedding in an actual garden. You can even set up a backyard garden with a trellis covered in flowers and greenery as the wedding altar. You guests will really enjoy the fresh open air with you as your exchange vows. It is important to prepare a tent handy in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. And if this is impossible to hold outdoor, you can have it indoor. You can have it with painted wood furniture surrounded by large numbers of flowers and bright garden colors. You can create a sense of being outside with the sound of birds chirping and the trickling sound of fountains. Soft lighting completes the mood. With these ideas on your mind, you can have an amazing garden wedding theme.

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