The Classic of Western Wedding Themes

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If you like watching western movies like cowboys, you will probably be interested in having a western wedding theme when you get married someday. Western wedding themes create a sense of classic of the old time. This kind of wedding ceremony that has a cowboys and Indians, an old time western theme with horses and the whole works could also be a lot of fun.

western wedding themes

The way you decorate your wedding will ultimately determine the amount of classic in the wedding itself. There are some ways to do to create a western wedding theme. For your western wedding theme there are saloon type backdrops, wagon backdrops, and also outdoor backdrops. You can obtain a staff to cater the event that is all wearing Wild West outfits. Many of the themes will hang wanted posters of the bride and groom. You can design the western setting yourself or pay a wedding planner to do it for you.

western wedding ideas

For your reception, you have it in a saloon, outdoors, a western themed general store, a bank with a western theme, or even at a jailhouse. What about the food? Ribs are a favorite of many, but chicken, and steaks could go well too. Side orders of baked beans, corn, carrots, and green beans also fit the theme nicely.

western wedding flowers

In the meantime, for color and flower decorations, you can opt for going with dried flowers and bouquets or you can go with the Texas state flower which is the bluebonnet or Utah’s state flower with are the sego lilies. If you do not have a lot of money to spend on floral arrangements you could always decorate the theme with cactus.

western wedding cakes

And the most important part is your western wedding dress. For this purpose, dressing the groomsmen in cowboy boots and hats will fit the theme nicely. You could even have the groomsmen wear black hats and the groom to wear a white hat to. White hats are generally the “good guys” and black hats are generally the “bad guys”. It’s all for fun. With all these ideas, you will really enjoy having western wedding themes for your big day.

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