wedding candle centerpieces

The Romanticism of Wedding Candle Centerpieces

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The use of wedding candle centerpieces is able to add a special touch to a wedding. The right centerpieces will really make your wedding reception beautiful. It is not just flowers that make lovely decorations, either. Nothing creates a romantic ambiance quite like these candle centerpiece ideas. Wedding candle centerpieces can be homemade or created by your designer. The cost can be minimal to extravagant. You can turn your wedding candle centerpiece into a decoration, gift and an event just for your wedding.

wedding candle centerpieces

There are an incredible variety of ways to design your own candle centerpiece, from the traditional candelabra exhibiting tall, elegant dinner candles, to a large decorative ceramic bowl containing floating candles. Many of candle centerpieces are also easy enough for the DIY bride to make herself with minimal time and effort. A simple way to make a candle centerpiece design feel more unique is to float candles in tinted water.

wedding candle centerpiece ideas

Lanterns are a marvelous way to put on view candles for your wedding centerpieces. The great thing about lanterns is that they come in a very wide selection, so you can find ones which will suit any style of reception. White antiqued lanterns are beautiful for garden weddings, iron lanterns are perfect for rustic receptions, and hurricane lanterns are ideal for beach or classic weddings.

romantic wedding candle centerpieces

A wedding centerpiece should be visible, but not so large as to take up space on the tables or be a hindrance to conversations. The best wedding candle centerpiece will be small in size, but exquisitely designed. White, or colored, ribbons can be tied around the candle to add that special little touch. The candle can be based in a small glass bowl full of colored rocks, sand, or flowers; floating candles can be placed in a dish of clear, or colored, water.

floating wedding candle centerpieces

Wedding candle centerpieces are stunning and elegant and are positive to present your wedding a sophisticated appeal. The effect of wedding candle centerpieces will be also absolutely breathtaking, and is sure to create a wonderfully romanticism of ambiance for your wedding reception.

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