The Uniqueness of Butterfly Wedding Themes

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Wedding themes come in many choices and ideas. Each theme presents its own uniqueness and distinctiveness. It is the willingness of every bride and groom to have their wedding theme unique. Butterfly wedding themes can be the way to show a uniqueness of a wedding. A butterfly wedding theme is great for the couples who are planning a wedding in summer or spring months. And you can make it alive by decorating your wedding site with bright colors, butterfly decorations and arriving some of your favorite summer or spring wedding flowers.

butterfly wedding theme ideas

To start your butterfly wedding theme, you can begin with imprints on your wedding invitations. The ideas are by having butterfly shaped invitation cards, having butterfly shaped confetti on the inside of the envelope and sticking butterfly on the invitations. To make it merrier, you can use different breeds of butterflies in an array of different colors. In the meantime, for your wedding flowers, you can use vibrant spring time flowers fitting your color scheme. You can also find flowers that will naturally attract butterflies in honor of them. It is also a good idea to use potted butterfly bushes that you or your guests can replant later at home.

butterfly wedding decorations

To decorate your wedding site, you can do it by filling the room with butterfly cutouts and balloons, having real butterflies in glass centerpieces, finding butterfly themed tablecloths, napkins and cutlery, using butterfly figurines for centerpieces and having a butterfly release for a special effect. Meanwhile, to give your guests a favor to say thank you for attending to your wedding, you can give them little tea light candle-holders that have butterflies flying around them, chocolate butterflies in a gift box, butterfly broaches and little butterfly trinket boxes.

butterfly wedding cakes

These are some of butterfly wedding theme ideas that you can apply, and of course there are still many ideas that you can find out for your wedding cake, food and wedding locations. For butterfly wedding locations, you may consider a butterfly house or sanctuary and a lush outdoor garden in which will butterflies usually inhabit.

butterfly wedding favors

With the use of vibrant colors, and a natural feel, a butterfly wedding theme can be a wonderful choice for your special wedding day. Just have fun with this unique butterfly wedding theme, because like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon, soon you’ll be starting a whole new life.

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