Unique Flower Containers for Spring Wedding Centerpieces

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For the couples who are planning a spring wedding, there are some beautiful ideas of spring wedding centerpieces and flowers in keeping with the bright and lovely coming of the season to implement. Some lowers such as tulips, peonies, daffodils, lilies and daisies are perfect for a bright, light spring wedding centerpiece.

spring wedding centerpieces

You can be creative by placing the flowers in some containers so that they will look more unique and of course beautiful. Besides you can place the flowers in the vases, you may think other elements. It will be surprising for the guests if you put some flowers in the umbrellas. You can find child size umbrellas and turn them over and fill them with flowers. Then wrap the flowers around the long handle and stretch out strings of clear teardrop beads from the top of the handle to the edges to look like drops of rain.

spring wedding flower centerpieces

You may also use watering cans. You can fill the cans with a pretty mixed bouquet of flowers and place them in the center of the table surround with silk flower petals. Terra cotta pots can also be used. You can make a painted terra cotta pot double as a wedding favor when you fill it with all kinds of seed packets. Nets are also unique to use. You can arrange colorful faux eggs in the nests using your theme colors and place votive candles around the nest. You have to be sure they are not too close to the nest for fire safety.

unique spring wedding centerpieces

Another container is small bird houses. Small bird houses painted in your wedding colors and set on a bed of florist moss with scattered flowers or petals around is a really pretty spring look. You can also use baskets. You can fill an attractive basket with colorful garden vegetables. Just make sure they are fresh and not very perishable if you will be doing the centerpiece a few days ahead of time. And for an informal wedding centerpiece that is really fun and looks great, fill a mason jar with the flowers of your choice. You can tie a satin or lace bow in your theme colors around the top of the jar. A small pillar candle placed on each side adds a soft glow to the table. And certainly there are still many other containers that you can use. Just think creative so you can have beautiful spring wedding centerpieces to amaze your guests.

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