Unique Wedding and Celebration Cakes by Heather Sweet

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If you are looking for your wedding cakes or your wedding celebration cakes, you must consider these beautiful and sweet cakes by Heather Sweet. She has been making and decorating wedding cakes for about fifteen years. Her cake designs are very popular and unique and have won a lot of sugar-craft and cake decoration competitions, both national and international. Here are some designs of her unique wedding cakes.

chocolate wedding cakes

A beautiful one of a kind chocolate cup wedding cake. It is built up from many small Belgian chocolate cups. With this particular cup tower, the chocolate cups are filled with a rum and truffle mixture. The exquisite mixture was completely tuned to the taste buds of the now married couple. Each cup is decorated with a chocolate shape. Roses and fresh strawberries are sprinkled about each tier to complete the look of this luxury modern wedding cake.

fancy chocolate cup wedding cake

You might also like this fancy chocolate wedding cake. The cup wedding cake above is adorned with white and brown cups and make it very unique.

white wedding cakes with purple tulips

It is a simple but unique wedding cake design; a clear white wedding cake decorated with glossy white ribbon and purple tulips. You can still have a fantastic looking modern wedding cake even when you are on a budget.

You might also like this unique wedding cake. It is a purple floral wedding cake.

purple floral wedding cake

It looks very simple. This cake is decorated with sunflowers in purple.

wedding car theme cake

Sitting on top of the cake is a handmade clay cake topper of the married couple riding in a wedding car. Heather’s cake toppers are made from high quality clay, which is then glazed making them extremely strong, easy to clean and able to last for decades to come.

Heather works personally with clients, both during the cake concept stage and throughout the whole design and decorating process. This helps guarantee that couples love their finished bespoke wedding cakes. She has baked and decorated countless modern and designer cakes for birthdays, same-sex weddings (called pink weddings), corporate birthdays and many more. If you want to know more about the above wedding cakes, you can reach Heather by Email at heather@sweetart.co.uk or by phone on 0775 4442 274 or visit this website.

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