unique wedding flower centerpieces

Wedding Flower Centerpieces

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Your wedding decorations would not be complete without choosing the right wedding flower centerpieces. You will require wedding flower centerpieces for the reception tables and church. You will find out that there are lots of flowers that you can pick. They are silk flowers, crepe paper flowers, real flowers and mulberry paper flowers. Clearly the wedding centerpieces are all about flowers and using the best quality and types of flowers and colors.

unique wedding flower centerpieces

You can buy the silk flowers singly or already made up into centerpieces. The single flowers can be purchased in super centers, craft stores and some floral shops. In the meantime, you can purchase the wedding flower centerpieces that are already made up in at floral shops and in the internet websites.

red wedding flower centerpieces

For the real flowers, they can be purchased singly and made up already. These flowers need more cares. They must be kept cool and damp. They will also wilt and die and so they are not easy to keep for long time. And for crepe paper flowers, they can be made by you or family members. They come with an advantage since they can be used over and over for other special occasions after the wedding ends. These paper flower centerpieces can be recycled or reused if kept in a safe dry area for years to come. So this makes them eco-friendly too.

white wedding flower centerpieces

What you will need to do is making a number of the flowers you are using for your wedding bouquets etc. After that you can get some pretty vases or other containers that you think will be pretty to show off your flowers add some small pebbles, sand, or small marbles to the containers and put your crepe paper flowers in these then add some greenery to fill in around your flowers and there you have a beautiful wedding flower centerpiece made by you.

wedding flower table centerpieces

These wedding centerpieces will be your own unique design so you can take the credit for all the compliments that you get on how wonderful the beautiful wedding flower centerpieces look and you can be proud of your own creations.

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