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Wedding Reception Table Decorations

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Wedding includes lots of important things to prepare; one of them is the wedding reception table decoration. It becomes very important since guests will spend much of their time in reception area. That is why it is very essential to decorate the wedding reception tables such as wedding reception centerpiece, wedding reception cake and wedding reception menu. It is also really important that wedding reception table decoration should complement the entire wedding theme. Take a look at these ideas of table decorations for wedding reception.

wedding table decorations

Let’s start from the table cloth covers. White is the classic color of wedding table cloth. To make your table covers look more colorful, using colored cloths that best complement the dominating colors of the reception is a must to do. One nice idea is by adding colorful doilies, runners, overlays, and so on to your table cloth. You can also use napkins of contrasting colors. It is also very important for you to consider table shape and arrangement. Table decorations will depend on the shape of the table. Choosing round and oval shaped tables is able to give a more stylish and graceful look. You can arrange tables in a cluster to provide more chance to the people to mingle with each other so that a conversation can be encouraged.

wedding reception table decorations

The right choice of light will really influence the surroundings. To make a romantic sense, you can use candles as centerpiece accents. You can choose different shapes and colors of candles which are made specifically for wedding receptions that are used to decorate and light up the tables. There is a number of choices are obtainable in floating candles and candles on stand. You can use mirrors at the base of the candles to reflect more light. You can even use rope lights along the table edges to decorate the table.

wedding table decorations ideas

In the meantime, for your centerpiece you can use floral wedding centerpieces. They are the most traditional way of wedding reception table décors. You can use loads of floral centerpieces to decorate the table if you are using a rectangular table. However, it is a must for you to place a single centerpiece at the center on a round or oval table. You can also use votive to surround the centerpieces to make them even more attractive.

red wedding table decorations

The use of fruit bowls and fish bowls will also look very attractive and creative. It is one distinctive way of decorating the wedding reception table. You fill the bowls with fruits that are cut in different shapes. You can even use goldfishes for decorating the table. You can also create a beach look by spreading sea shells and star fish shaped decorations on the table.

And of course there are still many ideas of wedding reception table decorations that you can find out and then implement theme, you just have to be very creative and imaginative to create the most stunning ones.

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