Charming Spring Wedding Favors

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spring wedding favors

Spring is a great season to get married, wherein flowers are blooming and there are a lot of lively colors that can be used for a very special occasion. Spring symbolizes a new life, love and fertility which are why there are many couples who prefer getting married during the spring season. Choosing wedding favors for a spring setting need not be difficult at all even if you want to co-ordinate everything to the mood of the season. These are some of the most charming spring wedding favors for your ideas.

Springtime is blooming time. Your love blooms as flowers does. It creates wonderful scenery with lovely flowers and plants in vibrant colors and scents. You can create floral wedding favors. There are a lot of beautiful options, depending on the style of your wedding. If your taste runs to a romantic bridal gown and pearl wedding jewelry, a tiny pot of pansies would be a pleasant favor. Brides who favor eco-conscious wedding gowns, jewelry, flowers and the like could give seed packets for their wedding thank you gifts. To match your wedding favor, use matching pieces such as floral-shaped scented candles to give a spring-like ambiance to your wedding party.

edible spring wedding favors

You can be more into nature with birds, butterflies on your wedding keepsakes. You can bring the theme onto the gifts by choosing whimsical wedding favors like candle holders with little birds or bees buzzing around. It could be your choice to customize the holders. You can also find card holders with silk butterflies, birds, or dragonflies that will clip the card. Be more creative to really pull out the theme. You can even have napkins and wine glasses with accents that look like spring.

In the spring, many people love to get outside and garden. Any wedding favor with a gardening motif would be great for a spring reception. And, when it comes to nature themes, boxes of wildflower seeds are just perfect as spring wedding favors and garden wedding favors. These seeds make ideal symbols of the ever-blooming love that you share with those close to you. Once your guests go home and plant these seeds, they will be planting your memories in their hearts too. As an extra bit, you can even personalize these seed packets or put in a message for improving and preserving the environment.

Certainly, edible favors are always fantastic, so you might wish to do something classic like a flower shaped frosted sugar cookie in a fancy bag. For an April wedding, you could play up the old expression “April showers bring May flowers” and package a pair of gourmet cookies: one shaped like a flower and the other like an umbrella. It would be in no doubt to bring a smile to the faces of your wedding guests.

charming spring wedding favors

Having a theme makes your wedding day more fun and memorable. It also helps since you can easily make a decision what decorations to use. Spring wedding favors and other themed wedding favors come in a lot of choices to choose from, which can be edible, decorative or useful. You can search online to see some more charming spring wedding favor ideas and other wedding supplies that you will need to complete your big day.