Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

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At the wedding reception the wedding cake is almost always an important point of attraction. You would desire your guests to come in and just give out expressions of appreciation for your classic and elegant wedding cake. There are some couples however who simply just prefer the gift of laughter from their friends as each takes a look at funny wedding cake toppers.

funny kissing wedding cake toppers

Even today, placing funny wedding cake toppers on a wedding cake has been a popular way of adding a unique touch to your wedding reception. With this your guests have something to talk about from the moment they walk in, and your wedding theme can get reflected right down to the tiniest detail. Funny wedding cake toppers can feature anything from an ironic reference to traditional weddings, to pop culture references.

music wedding cake toppers

airplane wedding cake toppers

There are a lot of funny wedding cake topper ideas which are available out there. And ultimately the one you decide to opt for will be based on both your personalities. There are also some people who will always prefer the more traditional but these days there is totally no reason not to make a wedding day that completely reflects the type of people you are both as individuals and as a couple.

A wedding cake is generally a center-stage showpiece when it comes to the wedding decor so why not have some fun with it. Funny wedding cake toppers can be anything that symbolizes your favorite sports such as a football helmet, soccer ball, basketball, baseball. You can also go with a unique cake figurine wherein the bride and the groom are dressed up in the uniform of their favorite team.

movie wedding cake toppers

If the bride and groom are the admirers of music, they can have a wedding cake topper in the form of musical instruments such as guitar, saxophone, or even the grand piano. And if they like traveling, they may top their wedding cake with an airplane. For the brides and grooms who are a real movie freak, they may have a topper for their wedding cake like the statue of their favorite actress and actors.

There are still a lot of funny ways to top a wedding cake, but the most important thing to keep in mind about this is that it is a way couples can show their personalities to their guests. It is also very important thing when you are picking a funny topper that it must be something that both the bride and groom agree with. Funny wedding cake toppers also serve as a very important piece of memory that will always be remembered by all people participating in your wedding.