Ideas for Cheap Wedding Favors

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cheap wedding favors

Couples all over the world take utmost care in planning their wedding as this is the most important day of their life. For some couples, weddings can cost a fortune. If it happens, it helps to cut costs where you can. One of great idea is to go with cheap wedding favors. Giving cheap wedding favors doesn’t mean that you have to give wedding favors that are unappealing. Rather with a little creativity you can give great wedding favors without spending too much. And nowadays there are plenty of options of wedding favors that falls well within the shoe string budget at the same time are fun and creative.

The cheapest among the different types of wedding favor is the edible wedding favors, which the couple can easily afford to provide to their guests on their wedding day. The couples can take into service someone to create these wedding favors or they can be done by the couples themselves. While using their own creativity, the couples can come up with many creative ideas for the guests to get pleasure from and relish the occasion. The most ordinary among the cheap edible wedding favors are the fortune cookies, chocolates, lollipops etc. There are a lot of bakeries that offer cheap and special wedding favors like special cupcakes, pastries and assorted biscuits. It will be easy for the couple to select one that best suits their personality and style.

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If you can make the cheap wedding favor look good, no one will realize that it was cheap. For example, you can buy a big bag of inexpensive mints to use as favors. To make it look nice, you can find a bunch of small cheap wedding favor fold up boxes and put some mints in them with tool placed nicely around the mints. Then print out questions about your significant other and paste them on the side of the box along with pasting our names and the wedding date on the other side of the box. With about twenty different questions created, each box had one question on it. Then inside the box you can put a card with the answer to the question. This cheap wedding favor not only had good presentation, but it also worked as an ice breaker for people at each table as they ask each other what question is on their box.

Another type of cheap wedding favors is to provide the guests with customized mementos. The best memento will be the picture frame with the couple’s picture placed in them. This will be the best wedding favor that the couple can give their guests as they will be reminded of the wedding day and the function whenever they see the picture. The other forms of similar cheap wedding favors are shot glasses, a small jar of honey, plates and knick – knacks. Some people opt to give decorative candles or soaps to their guests as cheap wedding favors. But these types of wedding favors are slightly costlier than the candy and chocolate wedding favors.

cheap wedding favors ideas

To keep in mind, it is important to come up with a budget before you ever begin planning a wedding. Within this budget you will want to decide how much you are willing to spend on each aspect of the ceremony and reception. So once you have an idea about everything you will know whether you will need to go with relatively cheap wedding favors or extremely cheap wedding favors.