Ideas for DIY Wedding Favors

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diy wedding favors

There are many brides nowadays that are more into DIY for some reasons. There are actually several parts of your wedding that you can DIY to show off what you got and of course to save money. Do it yourself wedding favors are a great option when thinking of what to give to your guests. It is also a great excuse to let other people help you. Get a team of bridesmaids or other helpers together and have a favor-making party. Your bridesmaids, mom, and sisters are most likely just waiting for you to tap them. It will be a great honor for them to help you make whatever you need to make for your wedding.

DIY wedding favors can be much cheaper than any favor you buy on the market, and are much more original and heartfelt than something that guests may have seen before. DIY favors can range from anything totally homemade to a traditional favor. DIY wedding favors are usually made of items which you can purchase at discount stores in bulk. With various accessories you can buy and use, it is not impossible to distribute impressive wedding favors without breaking your bank. If they are made with creativity and feelings, they can definitely look like they were made by a professional. Here are some great ideas and tips when opting for DIY wedding favors.

diy wedding favor boxes

Wedding favor boxes are among the top do it yourself items on the market. However, most boxes are sized to only hold candy and other confections, as they are typically very small. So if you’re looking for something to hold your treats, such as a bottle stopper, you might require shopping a little harder to find something suitable. Besides shopping online, be certain to check out local craft stores for more ideas and inspiration. Then, you can always do a little research to see where you can get something similar but at a lower price, and maybe even in bulk. Favor bags are also another option for holding your items, as they are offered in more sizes.

diy soap wedding favors

Another idea is making your own soap wedding favors. And it is not that difficult. Principally, you will require soap chips or soap base, essential oils or fragrance, colorants and a molder. To make your own soap wedding favors, it will be easier to take a ready-made bar of soap and just melt it down. Because the bar has already have all ingredients you need in it, all you have to do is to wait until it melts and then pour the liquefied soap into the molder of your choice. You can also use a cookie cutter if you desire to shape your homemade soap while it is still warm. The finishing touch is of course packaging those using cellophane bags, organza bags, or small gift boxes. You may think about a few add-ons such as favor charms or personalized tags.

And if you like cooking, you can make a few batches of your favorite cookie recipe or brownies cut out into little hearts. Stack the cookies in a clear cellophane bag, tie with a ribbon and let your guests know they were baked with love with a personalized tag; or box up the brownies, wrap a satin ribbon around the box and hold it down with a personalized label. Not only will guests get to enjoy a tasty treat when they get home, but will know you worked hard to thank them for attending.

diy candle wedding favors

Alternatively, you can make your own candle wedding favors at home. You can buy assorted candles in bulk, at pretty inexpensive price. They are also obtainable in different colors, sizes and scents. You can give candles a glamorous effect by purchasing tag sheets that are available in various choices. For a final touch, you can tie a personalized ribbon on each candle, or on the top of the cellophane or organza where the candles were wrapped in. Candy and glass jars are another cheap DIY idea and they certainly don’t have to hold candy. Fill up the jars with your favorite spices, loose tea flavor, homemade jam, or whatever else means something to you. Tie a ribbon onto the jar or attach a personalized sticker. You can also do the same with a favor pail or even a wedding favor bag. Other great DIY favor ideas include unique containers like a miniature mailbox tin, mint tins and kits, like chocolates in a box.

To conclude, do-it-yourself wedding favors will basically help you save money on your wedding. DIY wedding favors are also a fun and unique way to express you and your partner’s love for each other, and thank your guests in the most personal way possible. You can easily find and purchase bulk items on many wholesale stores online to make them. You just have to be as creative as you want when making DIY wedding favors.