Ideas for Summer Wedding Favors

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summer wedding favors

The majority of couples like to get married in the summer months this is usually because of the weather and the longer summer nights. Having a summer wedding is also great because it gives you so many choices regarding wedding favors. Most people also feel happy and refreshed after the long winter months, and enjoy the freedom of wearing summer clothes. There are some beautiful ideas for summer wedding favors that you can choose.

One idea for wedding favors is cute little mini flip-flops. And there are so many different novelty flip-flops you can get, like refrigerator magnets, candles, magnets, and note pads. One idea that is on a more private level is to have a photo of the bride and groom in small miniature picture frames next to the place cards of the guests. Or the same idea could be used for coasters, or different themed place card holders. This adds a personal touch to remind family and friends of your special wedding day, and on a lighter note, at least they won’t forget your anniversary.

Summer flowers look a delight at any wedding. Going on that look to beautify the table and give a small gift for guests is a great idea. Small flower holders perhaps personalized with the bride and groom’s names and the date is one way to do so. Fill the little vase with silk summer roses and you’ve got a hit.

Imagine sailing over the lake near your honeymoon cottage. You can use that image in your summer wedding favors. Giving a small glass sailboat with a logo that evokes a wedding can be the perfect choice. You can also add to the scene with some small, colorful beach balls and you’ve got a ‘mini movie’ worthy of your wedding.

mini lantern wedding favors

Another nice idea is giving mini-lanterns that hold a bulb or candle which can light your guests’ way to the table. Provide miniature pine trees or redwoods with little cabins at the base for your guests’ wedding favors. Or, you can also give tiny ceramic horses of the type you and your future spouse will ride during that dream vacation trip. They’ll delight in taking them home as a memento of your wedding day.

unique summer wedding favors

There are still many possible ideas that you can find for your summer wedding favors. But no matter which summer wedding favors you choose you can’t go wrong. Every guest will be happy with the summer wedding favors you select because it will remind them of the joy they shared with you that special day.