Wedding Gifts for Grooms

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silver cufflinks for groom

In all the excitement of planning your wedding, be sure not to overlook a very essential detail: the wedding gift for your groom! It is normal for the groom to bestow a special present to his bride on the day of the wedding, but it is a tradition that should really go both ways. After all, men like to accept great gifts as much as women. These are some terrific ideas for wedding gifts for the groom.

Beautiful wedding jewelry is by far the most popular gift for a groom to give his bride. Whether it is silver wedding jewelry, pearls, crystals, or gold, the bride is sure to be delighted by the thoughtful present. Silver wedding jewelry can also be a nice gift idea from the bride to the groom. A handsome pair of silver cufflinks is an ideal wedding present for a groom who will be wearing a shirt with French cuffs. Engrave the silver cufflinks with his initials to make the gift extra special. A pocket watch is another excellent option for a gift of silver wedding jewelry for the groom. Inscribe your wedding date and a sentimental message on the back of the watch to create a wonderful keepsake.

Your groom’s hobbies can be a great source of inspiration for a wedding gift. If he is a passionate reader, how about getting him an e-reader? Load it with his favorite books, a few new bestsellers, and some of your old favorites that he has not yet read. He will be definitely being glad to have the e-reader along for the plane ride on your honeymoon trip. Or perhaps your groom likes to play games like chess or poker. Upgrade his current chess or poker set with a top quality set presented in a handsome wooden case. Men always appreciate it when their brides show that they will support their hobbies after the wedding!

If your groom is into sports as either a participant or a spectator, this can give you some great ideas for his wedding gift. Treat him to that new set of golf clubs he has been dying to get or a membership to a country club. If that is a bit beyond your budget, you could make arrangements for him to have a golf day while on your honeymoon trip (it is the male equivalent of a spa day!). Tickets to favorite sporting events always make a terrific present for a fiancé, so get him tickets to see his favorite basketball, football, or baseball team in action. Get at least two tickets so either you can join him or he can bring a friend.

Still wondering what to give your groom as a wedding present? Think about things which he has always expressed an interest in trying. Maybe he would be thrilled to receive skydiving lessons as a gift or he would like to try a wine tasting class. Or perhaps you could arrange for scuba diving lessons on your honeymoon. Just be sure that the gift reflects his interests, not yours. (In other words, no fair giving him dance lessons because you want him to brush up on his moves before the wedding!)

The groom can tend to be a bit overlooked during the wedding planning process, but to the bride he is definitely the most important part of the wedding! Show your love for him with a special gift that says you were thinking of him. The groom is sure to appreciate it. [via]