Beautifying Black Bridesmaid Dresses

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short black bridesmaid dresses

Many years ago, there was a taboo against wearing black in a wedding. But these days, wearing black bridesmaid dresses have become very common, apart from in the most conservative or traditional families. As famous as they are, black bridesmaid dresses really present special questions, most notably, how to make them appear festive instead of somber. Here is a number of the best ways to make black dresses work beautifully for bridesmaids.

Before you opt for black for your bridesmaids, or any other color, for that matter, it is important for you to consider a small number of basic things. The colors and lighting of the ceremony venue are vital to consider, as are the location and time of day. Black dresses would have a chic look for an 8pm wedding, but out of place for a 1pm ceremony on a farm. Also it is important to give some thought to how black bridesmaid dresses will combine with the other colors you desire for your wedding, particularly the flowers. Dark purple flowers, for instance, would have a tendency to blend in with black dresses, but brighter bouquets like red would stand out nicely.

black bridesmaid dresses
One of the major reasons to select a black bridesmaid dress is that it will almost certainly make your bridesmaids joyful. It surely is the color that is most probable to be worn again, as every woman can use a few “little black dresses” in her wardrobe, whereas the coral and turquoise number might end up languishing in the back of her closet. Because the idea is that they will be able to put on them again, provide serious consideration to allowing each bridesmaid to opt for the little black dress of her selecting within set parameters such as knee length or strapless. As a bonus, if your attendants are friends, they will not have to be anxious both showing up in the same black dress to a party sometime after the wedding.

Black is by its nature, solemn, yet weddings are supposed to be cheerful and happy. Balance out the darkness of black bridesmaid dresses with flowers and accessories that add color or texture. When the dresses are short, you can possess some fun with the shoes. Keep in mind that the strappier the shoe is, the wilder the color can be without overpowering the whole outfit. Chartreuse, cobalt blue, and pink are all fun options. Be wary of red shoes which have a tendency to make too bold a statement. Metallic neutrals are always beautiful for bridesmaid shoes. Let each attendant opt her favorite pair of shoes in silver, gold, or bronze, for a style that will increase both the bridesmaid dress and her shoe collection in general.

The making use of customized sets of bridesmaid jewelry is another extraordinary way to enliven black bridesmaid dresses. The use of sparkly crystal bridesmaid jewelry sets is ideal for evening weddings. Either go with classic clear crystals, or make a splash with crystals in your wedding colors. Don’t ignore what you can be done with wedding hair accessories, either. A brightly colored flower in the hair for an outdoor wedding or a smooth satin headband in a contrasting shade can go a long way towards breaking up too much black.

strapless black bridesmaid dresses
In conclusion, there are the bridesmaid bouquets. When your attendants are wearing black dresses, you can really be creative with their flowers. The simplicity of the background will let the bouquets pop, so this is your chance to have fun with flowers like spotted orchids in vibrant shades, bold colors combinations like cherry and lime, or fun extras such as feathers or crystals. With all of the right accents that you choose in place, you can be assured that your black bridesmaid dresses  will be anything but somber.