Blue Bridesmaid Shoes

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blue bridesmaid shoes

Have you decided to choose your blue bridesmaid shoes for your wedding, but don’t know how to narrow down all of the choices? Here is some advice from a bridal stylist so you can find the perfect blue bridesmaid shoes for your bridesmaids.
First of all, look at your wedding colors that you’ve selected. Have you chosen a light blue, a turquoise, a royal blue or a navy blue? Ideally, the shoes should match your colors. Blue comes in a lot of different shades that you should ensure you know the shade before going to shop for those blue bridesmaid shoes. Also, take a look at the wedding flowers that you’ve selected for your wedding bouquet. The shade of blue that you’ve chosen in the flowers should direct your bridesmaids to the best shade of blue for their shoes. If you can’t find that exact shade, don’t worry. Just go for something similar.

dark blue bridesmaid shoes
Next, think through the style. Do you want a completely blue bridesmaid shoe such as a pump where the blue is really noticeable? Or, do you want sandals that are more strappy and simple so the blue is only on the straps? It’s up to you what type of splash you want to make with your bridesmaid shoes. Blue satin bridesmaid shoes will make a bigger splash than strappy light blue bridesmaid shoes. So, think through what type of contrast you want and then select the shoe style.

After this, go to the stores and take a look. You will find a large variety of blue bridesmaid shoes, but don’t look in the wedding sections. Usually, those sections tend to only have white or ivory shoes. Try to look in the other sections of the stores where regular evening shoes are sold. Also, look in the sandals area. All of these areas will give you a wide variety of blue bridesmaid shoes. There aren’t that many, but there are a lot to select from if you spend time looking.

light blue bridesmaid shoesLastly, put your bridesmaids’ outfit together. Bring home a few pair of blue bridesmaid shoes to look through so you have some choices. See which ones look best with the bridesmaid dress that you’ve chosen. Also, see if you can take them into the florist so you can confirm that your wedding flowers will match your shoes and bridesmaids’. The wedding bouquet is like your purse in a normal function. You want to make sure it matches your bridesmaid shoes and your accessories so everything looks coordinated. Then, on your big day, put on those blue bridesmaid shoes and go have some fun knowing that you have chosen something really unique for your big day.