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bridesmaid flowers

So, you have already selected your bridal bouquet and how about the flowers for your bridesmaids? Your bridesmaids are the women who have important meaning for you. They are probably your best friends and close family members that have been with you through thick and thin. Since these people are so special, you will wish for gifting them with flowers that will gratify them and at the same time that will be a reflection of you and that will look great in the pictures for years to come.

Bridesmaids were originally chosen to stand by the bride and mystify evil spirits who caused trouble at weddings. By resembling the bride and standing close to her, the evil spirits would not be acquainted with who was truly getting married and wouldn’t disturb the special event. Nowadays, your bridesmaids are there to hold up you psychologically and to generate a united look with you. The flowers you prefer for your bridesmaids are very imperative because your assistants will be close to you all the way through the wedding and will give a big impact in how your wedding looks in the moment and in the photos everlastingly.

white bridesmaid flowers
How can you settle on which flowers would be best for your bridesmaids to hold? At the outset, you require deciding on your own bouquet and then you can coordinate the bridesmaid’s bouquets to coordinate with yours. The bride`s bouquet should be larger, come with more pricey flowers, ribbon and be more complete ornamented with the addition of accents for instance a brooch, rhinestone pins or other bouquet jewelry. The bridesmaids bouquets should mirror and synchronize with the bride`s bouquet but be smaller and less detailed than the bride`s.

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Take a look at these some examples of bride`s bouquets vs. bridesmaids bouquets. If the bride holds a bouquet of roses and calla lilies, the bridesmaids could hold a smaller bouquet of roses. If the bride carries a large bouquet of calla lilies, a smaller bouquet of callas could be ideal for the attendants. If the bride carries a bouquet composed of a range of cottage flowers, the attendants could each hold one variety included within the bride`s bouquet. One bridesmaid could hold hydrangeas, another could hold a star of Bethlehem bouquet, the other a bouquet of Persian lilies and the last one could show a bouquet of roses. The ribbon should be the same for all in order to unite the look.

red bridesmaid flowers
Another element you could play with in opting for the flowers for your bridesmaids is color. If the bride`s bouquet is a traditional all white with greenery, the bridesmaids bouquets could be a lighter or darker shade of the same color as their dresses. Another idea would be to give each bridesmaid a bouquet in one of the colors of the wedding if you have many. Rainbow themed weddings are a good example of this. One girl could have a red bouquet, another yellow, the other girl a blue bouquet and so on.

To end with, shape is a feature that could differentiate the bride`s bouquet from her attendants. If the bride`s bouquet is a cascading bouquet of orchids and roses, her party could hold simple posy bouquets of roses. The bouquet a bridesmaid holds at your wedding will provide her confidence in the sense that it will present her something to do with her hands and will aid complete her gorgeous look. Whatever you do, don’t overdo it though and give her flowers that are too huge or delicate to be practical to bring. Find more bridesmaid flowers and bouquets.