Considering White Bridesmaid Dresses

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strapless white bridesmaid dresses

White bridesmaid dresses have an elegant and classic look. For the brides who are considering white dresses for their own bridesmaids, there are a small number of things to bear in mind. One reason that works so well for the royal wedding is since the bridesmaid dress is clearly less grand than the bridal gown. Had they been more similar in fullness or embellishment, there would have been more opportunity that the two white dresses would have competed for the spotlight.

Another way to make white bridesmaid dresses work well for your wedding would be to go for shorter dresses. This would be a chiefly good idea if the bridal gown will be rather simple in cut and design. For you who want a summer wedding theme, white lace shift dresses would be very beautiful for bridesmaids, perhaps worn with metallic sandals. If the wedding is more formal or in the winter, white Carmeuse party dresses to the knee would be a great look for attendants. It will be a good idea to add elegant crystal wedding jewelry to complete the more formal style.

In the meantime, if the bridesmaids are wearing white dresses, their bouquets are another great way to set them apart from the bride. Colorful nosegays will be helpful to differentiate attendants from bride. They will also add some lively color to the wedding ceremony. Let’s face it, if the bride and her attendants are all dressed entirely in white and carrying all-white bouquets as well, the processional could look a bit washed out. The use of seasonal flowers would be a nice touch, such as yellow tulips for spring, pink peonies for summer, orange mums for fall, or red roses for winter.

Though white bridesmaid dresses may not be every bride’s taste, they can be quite elegant when selected with care. It takes a convinced bride to dress her attendants in white, and that type of confidence is always tempting. In addition, nobody will actually confuse a bridesmaid with the radiant bride gliding down the aisle in her fabulous bridal gown, sparkling crystal wedding jewelry, and ethereal veil – least of all the groom.