Flat Bridesmaid Shoes

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flat bridesmaid shoes

The shoes that you select for your bridesmaids have to fulfill a lot of requirements. They require being comfortable, beautiful, and working with your bridesmaids’ gown. When high heels are not an option, some bridesmaids think that they will never be able to find cute flat bridesmaid shoes. Don’t fret, though, since there are in fact a number of great styles out there.

There are a lot of reasons why bridesmaids might decide to wear flat bridesmaid shoes for a wedding. They might be having a ceremony on grass or sand, and wants a shoe that won’t sink into the turf. Whatever your reason, there is going to be a pair of flat bridesmaid shoes that is perfect for a wedding. In most cases bridesmaids prefer to go with a shoe in a fabric that matches the white or ivory of their gowns. There is not rule, though, that bridesmaids can’t be more playful with their shoes. This is particularly true if they are wearing a very full skirted bridesmaid gown, since the guests will really only be getting a glimpse of the shoes anyway. Go ahead and choose a flat in an elegant silver or gold silk, or really be bold and wear a bright red silk shoe (a peep-toe style could be adorable).

One option that a lot of bridesmaids like is to wear ballet slippers. They know that they won’t have blisters on their feet by the end of the night if they choose this super comfy type of flat. Real ballet slippers (as opposed to a ballet slipper style of shoe) have very soft soles which over time will form to their feet. They actually are made in one shape – there is no right or left slipper. So they will want to wear them around the house to get them to conform to their feet (otherwise they look funny).

cute flat bridesmaid shoes
Not every bridesmaid embraces the idea of wearing a flat shoe for a wedding. Even if they are normally a stiletto lover, they can still find flats that are stylish and sophisticated. There are a few bridesmaid shoes designers who specialize in low strappy shoes. Once you start looking, you will realize that there are lots of cute flat bridesmaid shoes available. Flat bridesmaid shoes may not be as sexy as a pair of sky high heels, but when you are still dancing at the end of the night, you will be glad you went with the flats.