Ideas for Classic to Trendy Bridesmaid Gifts

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classic bridesmaid gifts

It would be an exhilarating reward when being invited to serve as a bridesmaid. And it is also normal to show your appreciation for your attendants. This is frequently obtained through special bridesmaid gifts and a considerate note. If you are looking for ideas for your bridesmaid gifts, here are some great ideas for classic to trendy bridesmaid gifts.

bridesmaid jewelry sets
The majority of timeless idea for your bridesmaid gifts is jewelry sets. It also becomes one of the most versatile ideas, since jewelry can be designed to go harmoniously with any taste or budget. There are a lot of brides who like the tradition of having sets of bridesmaid jewelry custom made in crystals or pearls to suit their wedding colors. This is a well-liked idea, because it can be put on with the bridesmaid dress on the day of the wedding ceremony. Another classic idea for a gift of jewelry is by giving a strand of pearls and a pair of pearl earrings to match. If your budget is limited, then beautiful Swarovski pearls will be both lovely and affordable for you.

swarovski crystals earrings
The fun fact about jewelry is that it can also look trendy and modern. Clusters of gems and crystals in unique shapes are a number of the hottest trends in bridesmaid jewelry. For your most creative bridesmaids, you can check out long drop earrings which are created from Swarovski crystals and cut in interesting forms like stars, moons, leaves, or cubes. Chic girls will love long dangle earrings featuring clusters of Swarovski crystals or pearls. Necklaces in a similar design are also one of the top trends right nowadays, as is the Y-necklace with double drops.

Giving stationery can be another amazing idea for bridesmaid gifts. It can also run the range from tried-and-true to new and hip. Any woman possessing classic taste will love and adore a box of fine stationery with her monogram or initial on it. If you are going to plan a wedding with a particular theme, such as a beach wedding, you could also search for stationery that relates to your motif, like ecru note cards with an embossed gold shell design. Bridesmaids who like more modern paper will get pleasure from boxed sets of cards with an edgy graphic pattern on them. Another great idea for any taste is letterpress cards with a quaint retro design.

pink leather personalized flask
Certainly the best gifts show that you are acquainted with the tastes and hobbies of the recipient. If your bridesmaids are all about having a good time, there are a number of cute and fun gifts out there that are also classy enough to be suitable bridesmaid gifts. For the life of the party, you may consider giving a pink leather personalized flask. Customized pink leather drink koozies are another hot gift for bridesmaids who like to have a good time.

Presenting sentimental gifts can be another wonderful idea. A special picture frame designed for bridesmaids or the maid of honor can be given to each bridesmaid. You can also have your wedding date inscribed on each one, and then fill it with a picture of the two of you enjoying a special moment together. If you are the DIY type of bride, you can also go online and design little photo-books for each bridesmaid that capture your best memories in pictures. These are the thoughtful types of gifts that any bridesmaid is in no doubt to appreciate, regardless of her style.

Whether you come to a decision on giving gifts that are traditional, modern, or somewhere in between, the presents that you present to your bridesmaids are the perfect way of showing your affection and appreciation of their help. The giving of bridesmaid gifts is the perfect way to thank your friends for being a part of your wedding. If you choose gifts which are beautiful and come from the heart, your bridesmaids will surely love them. Find more ideas on classic and trendy bridesmaid gifts.