Lace Bridesmaid Dresses

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lace bridesmaid dresses

There are many fabrics to make beautiful dresses for both the brides and their bridesmaids. From many fabrics, lace is a gorgeous and romantic fabric for a wedding. This fabric is not just dedicated for brides. Beautiful lace would be a wonderful option for the bridesmaid dresses as well. Here is a look at the lots of options for beautiful lace bridesmaid dresses that your attendants are in no doubt to be in love with.

To use of right color is the key to making dresses look like bridesmaid attire and not bridal. The use of lace can be a color, or it can be layered over a colored lining. As long as you keep away from lace dresses in all white or ivory, you should not have to be anxious about anyone mistaking your attendants for the bride. Since you can alter the look of lace with a colored lining, it is also a good way to get around the taboo of bridesmaids wearing all black or all white. Just think how much more romantic a black lace dress would be as compared to a solid black dress. You can choose one with a champagne or gray lining for understated elegance, or you can also opt for a pale pink lining to make the black dress look more feminine.

short lace bridesmaid dress
White lace can have a marvelous look for summer bridesmaid dresses. A substantial cotton lace or Venice lace is ideal. Layer it over a lining in your favorite summery color like sunny yellow, pretty pink, or baby blue. This is a delightful look for a knee length strapless bridesmaid dress. A sash around the waist which is made from the same color as the lining will complete the dress perfectly. The use of classic pearl bridesmaid jewelry and strappy sandals are also beautiful finishing touches for this lovely style. You can check out the spring collections from designers like Lilly Pulitzer to find the dresses.