Looking Slim with Brown Bridesmaid Dresses

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brown bridesmaid dress

Brown bridesmaid dresses, what do you think? Probably brown is not your first choice for the color of your bridesmaid dresses, but in this article you are going to look at why brown is in fact a very credible choice for your girls to put on during the wedding. Brown is a very natural color and as such comes in a lot of different shades.

A number of the lighter browns don’t actually look very ‘brown’ at all in comparison to the traditional wood color we sometimes think of. They can be sepia, sand, beige, fawn, almond, fudge and caramel. Conversely you can opt for a darker tone of brown if the event needs more gravity. You can try cinnamon, espresso, chocolate, mocha, and ochre. Since brown is a natural, earthy color it can be mingled with greens, reds or yellows which is really valuable if you’re selecting a wedding theme with more than one color.

long brown bridesmaid dress
There are some ways that can be done to incorporate brown bridesmaid dresses into your wedding. The first and most clear reason is if you’re having a fall wedding theme. You can combine and match different shades of brown along with some greens and yellows and some ‘harvest style’ decoration with flowers and produce for a really gorgeous seasonal look.

Lighter browns are appropriate for less formal or outdoor weddings, where those of a darker shade are bolder for more formal weddings. Generally, as with any color, lighter shades are apt for spring and summer celebrations, while darker, richer tones are best for fall and winter events. This has to do with the ‘warmth’ of the colors. If you’re a fan of nature and are having an outdoor wedding then certainly brown will be a good option as it will match in perfectly with your green surroundings.

The brides will probably be wearing a wedding gown in a shade of white, but they don’t have to fear that this will clash with brown. A stark white gown will be complemented by lighter browns such as sand or caramel, whereas ivory will go harmoniously with darker shades too such as chocolate or coffee.

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How frequently have you worn brown knits or boots in winter? Maybe you’ve worn brown belts, wood heels and beads in summer. It’s actually the unsung hero of colors, appearing everywhere in our wardrobes. This is since it’s a neutral color that goes nicely with almost every skin tone.

It’s becoming well-known to have a wedding ‘theme.’ This needn’t be some kind of costume party; rather you can select a couple of colors that are noticeable throughout all of the elements of your wedding. These can include bridesmaid dresses, bouquets, wedding favors, candles, invitations and many more things.

If you have decided on choosing to pair brown with another color then you’ll see that it’s easily matched with colors such as white, cream, ivory, yellow, orange, gold, red, burgundy, purple, light or dark greens, metallic colors such as silver, bronze or copper.

brown bridesmaid dresses
You can make use of these color combinations in different ways, as the similar color can manifest itself in the form of piping at the hem, a sash, a bow and their bouquet. Another good thing about dark brown is that it’s also a slimming color like black, so if you do have brown bridesmaid dresses with differing figures you’ll find that it’s really flattering for your bridesmaids.