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pink bridesmaid shoes

For a bride who has selected the color pink as her wedding colors, she will usually suggest pink as the bridesmaid gowns as well. But, if you are thinking about adding pink bridesmaid shoes to the list of items which you hope your bridesmaids to put on in that day, you have to think carefully and do not make that decision easily.

To begin with, the color pink has a good look on some women. But it is against some complexions. The color just looks faded and washed out. If you opt for a bright pink or a fuchsia, then the color might look so loud that it looks good on everyone or looks good on nobody. But, if you are considering adding pink shoes to the mix, you have to think again.

The right moment you should ask your bridesmaids to wear pink bridesmaid shoes is if they are not going to wear pink on top. The all pink combination totally does not work. You require matching pink bridesmaid dresses with silver or gold shoes and not another shade of pink. If you were smart and selected silver bridesmaid dresses, then the pink bridesmaid shoes may be an excellent addition.

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A pink shoe should only be combined with outfits that require some dressing up or some additional feminine touches. The color pink screams women and girls and frills and bows. This is perfect for weddings, but not so great when the color is already covering a person’s entire body. When the color is the only thing that peeps out from the feet, then it becomes a great choice. However, do not make the mistake of trying to have everything match and ending up with many things that clash.

A great pair of pink shoes may actually look better to be worn by the bride rather than the bridesmaids. This is since the bride is regularly wearing some shade of white or ivory and the color will be obvious well against either. And also, since a wedding is a pretty and girly affair, it is not unusual for brides to add a little bit of pink to create the wedding just a little prettier and a little more like Cinderella’s ball. In this respect, it is absolutely great for the bride to select a pair of shoes that are pink. Nevertheless, absolutely do not have your bridesmaids add this shoe to their feet if you’ve already opted for this color for them to be dressed in. If you do so, you may finish up with a group of very unhappy women who desire to alter out of their shoes as soon as possible. So, wearing pink bridesmaid shoes will really take into your consideration.
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