Presenting Unique Bridesmaid Gifts

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unique clutch bags bridesmaid gifts

It can be easy to forget about the importance of a unique bridesmaid gift when we are planning our wedding. We desire to have a bridesmaid gift that will be filled with our personality and the theme of the day, and something that our bridesmaids will really appreciate. We don’t have to go for the old standby, which is a trinket box. Instead we can select a unique bridesmaid gift. Giving the trinket box isn’t a bad idea. The fact is that it is just predicted easily. If we wish for wowing our bridesmaids, then we may want to spend some time thinking about the perfect bridesmaid gift.

gift basket ideas for bridesmaids
One of exceptional bridesmaid gifts is by creating a gift basket for our bridesmaids. We can have them personalized for each of the bridesmaid’s personalities, or we can make them all the same. If we are having a destination wedding we can give items that they can use while on vacation, or if we are having our wedding locally we can simply present items that will let our bridesmaids pamper themselves. With these unique bridesmaid gifts we can include luxurious bath soaps and oils, skin care products, a robe, a nice towel, and candles. If we all share a passion for something, such as cooking, we can choose to include kitchen items or all of the ingredients to a favorite recipe. This is something that our bridesmaids will use, and they will really appreciate.

personalized tote bags for bridesmaids
A personalized tote bag is another unique bridesmaid gift for each of our bridesmaids. We can buy very stylish and high quality tote bags and have them personalized, either professionally or on your own with sequins, buttons, embroidery, or appliqués. This is a fun idea since the tote is something that the women can utilize after our wedding is over, and it also shows our bridesmaids that we really thank for the time that they gave to our wedding day, since we also took some time to make a number of personalized items for them.

If we want to have a bridesmaid gift that will return back sweet memories that we and the girls have shared, creating a CD of all of our girlfriend’s favorite songs or songs that bring back shared memories can be a good idea. This unique bridesmaid gift will come in a very little cost and it’s something that will probably make our bridesmaids laugh, cry, or a little of both. We can do these ourselves on our home computer, or we can get a professional to do it for us. If we have more than a few bridesmaids we can make a unique CD for each of them, or if we all have shared memories we can make just one CD and give it to all of our bridesmaids. We can also consider giving the CD in a monogrammed CD case.

shawl for bridesmaids

Just about 33% of all couples opt to get married during the cooler months. If our wedding is going to be held when the weather will be a little cool or if we are planning to have an outdoor wedding, giving shawl will be a unique bridesmaid gift idea. This shawl can be a dressy shawl that matches perfectly with their bridesmaid attire, but will serve to keep them warm during our special wedding day. Since we wish our friends to be at ease for as long as the ceremony and reception goes on, we can ensure them to feel extra comfortable by giving them a soft, beautiful shawl. This is a unique bridesmaid gift that our girlfriends in no doubt will really appreciate. The shawls can be purchased or if we are into knitting, sewing, or crocheting we may be able to make them ourselves. Find more ideas of unique bridesmaid gifts.