White Bridesmaid Dresses

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white bridesmaid dresses

If you are the brides who are going to plan a spring wedding theme and would like to maximize the use of a fresh modern color for your bridesmaids, then you’d better give some thought to white bridesmaid dresses. Bright white is considered as a very flexible color. It can go well with anything, but it doesn’t mean that your bridesmaids will outshine you on your wedding day. You can give accent to their dresses with color so your wedding party will beautifully frame your bridal gown. It will make you look stunning as the center of attention on your wedding day.

There is one way that can be applied to incorporate white bridesmaid dresses by getting dresses with a white bodice. And this can be complemented by adding a colored or printed skirt or printed midriff wrap. This style will create a very unique look and can be challenging to find so you just might need to try a custom design shop for this.

If you want something that will look more exciting, you can have your bridesmaids wear short pure white dresses and then combine it with colored accessories like shoes, jewelry, and flowers. The colors will pop wonderfully against the white. In order to create the most dramatic look, you may make the use of long colored necklaces, chandelier earrings and funky hair accessories. You can also add a colored satin bow around the waist to bring a bright splash of color.

long white bridesmaid dresses
The application of a narrow ribbon and a simple knot or bow at the side is able to make a simple difference on a white bridesmaid dress. And the use of a wide taffeta waist wrap will make it look stunning and elegant. In the meantime, if you like flower pins, you can position one on the waist or the bodice. The flowers can be made from silk flowers or fun edgy fabric flowers. There are a lot of different ways to put on and accent white bridesmaid dresses. Just keep in mind that wedding preparation is like any adventure you take, you have to be creative and resourceful to make things work together. And with the ideas above, you can maximize the look of white bridesmaid dresses.