Who are the Junior Bridesmaids?

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junior bridesmaid

It is very often when you are planning a wedding, there are some little girls that you want to include. They are little too old to be flower girls and not quite old enough to be bridesmaids. Rather than leaving them out of the fun, there is another option namely by inviting the little girls to be junior bridesmaids.

The ideal age for a junior bridesmaid is from around nine to fourteen. This can be a great role for favorite nieces who have outgrown the flower girl role or find it to be too “babyish”. Just see how happy you will make your favorite “tween” when you promote her to a more adult role. Many second time brides and grooms possess children from a previous marriage. A good idea to assist them to accept the idea of forming a new family is to include them in the wedding. If you have daughters of the right age, they can be given the ceremonial role of junior bridesmaids to help them feel like a part of your big day.

junior bridesmaid with black dress
The junior bridesmaid walks in the processional between the flower girl and the bridesmaids. She habitually carries a smaller version of the bouquet the bridesmaids carry, rather than a basket like a flower girl. At the end of the processional, the junior bridesmaid can either stand up with the rest of the bridesmaids or sit in an aisle with her parents. Usually, the younger ones prefer to be with mom and dad, and the older girls think it’s cool to be with the bridesmaids.

In terms of attire, the junior bridesmaid should be dressed in something in between the bridesmaids and the flower girl. Although she has been advanced to the next level, it would be unsuitable to dress a young teen in the same gown as the grown women wear. This is especially true if the bridesmaids are wearing a strapless gown.

You will undoubtedly want to honor your junior bridesmaid with a special gift before the wedding. One very nice idea for a junior bridesmaid gift is a piece of jewelry. Young ladies rarely accept gifts of jewelry, so each piece is very essential in their small collections. You can look for classic pieces that will grow with her, such as sterling silver bracelets or pearl pendants. If your junior bridesmaid has pierced ears, you could also give her the matching pearl stud earrings to go with the pendant.

When it comes to planning your wedding party, the more the merrier. If you have girls of an awkward age, by all means, invite them to be junior bridesmaids. It is in no doubt to be one of the most special memories from their childhood.