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Flower girls are some of the cutest parts of any wedding. What make them totally charming are their sweetness, enthusiasm, and unpredictable nature. When it comes to flower girls, the more the merrier is. Flower girls are usually between the ages of about two and nine years old. Their role in the wedding, besides being adorable, is to go before the bride up the aisle. Conventionally, we think of flower girls as scattering rose petals before the bride’s path. The idea was that the bride’s life would be full of happiness and filled with flowers. Nevertheless, if your ceremony is indoors, the church or venue may not allow petals or confetti to be dropped on the floor, so be certain to check beforehand.

There are a number of other very beautiful alternatives to spread petals. The flower girl could bring a beautifully ornamented white basket, either filled with rose petals (to carry, not toss), or flowers. For a somewhat older flower girl, you could provide her a floral pomander to carry down the aisle. Pomanders are flower covered round balls hanging from pretty ribbons. They also have a very romantic look suspended from trees at an outdoor wedding.

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Another pleasant alternative for a flower girl is to provide her a miniature imitation of your bouquet. This is very easy for the flower girls to manage, even though she is only two and a half years old. A little bouquet can also be a fun and good idea for an older flower girl, who may feel privileged to hold something close to the adults in the wedding.

In a number of families, there are fairly a few young relations that the bride and groom want to include in the wedding. If that is true for you, of course, invite them all to be flower girls. A very sweet idea is to have each flower girl bring a single long-stemmed flower (such as a rose) down the aisle. When the bride comes to the altar, each little girl hands her a flower, which the bride holds as an arm bouquet. It is a very emotive part of the ceremony.

The children in a wedding frequently take their jobs very sincerely. In addition the bride, the flower girl is frequently the most excited participant in the wedding. You can show the little ones in your wedding how much you understand their enthusiasm by including them in as many of the pre-wedding festivities as possible. Flower girls love to attend bridal showers, bridesmaids’ luncheons, and rehearsal dinners. You can treat them to special flower girl gifts. Fantastic flower girl gifts include silver lockets, tiny pearl necklaces, and charm bracelets. As part of the present, you could also present her one of the great books that are written about flower girls. This would be particularly nice for a shy little girl who is nervous about what to expect at the wedding.

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Little girls look very romantic. They love to get all dolled up in a twirl party dress and wear a wreath of flowers. If you opt to have a flower girl at your wedding, not only will she be a appealing part of your day, but you will be giving her a very special memory. When she grows up, your flower girl may even decide to have a wedding just like yours.