Ideas on Ivory Wedding Shoes

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peep toe ivory shoes

The wedding fashion world has witnessed its fair share of ivory bridal or wedding shoes over the year and there has really been no design involved. There were a lot of wedding designers who used to follow firmly to the tradition style and cuts. Times have now shifted with the modern brides who are asking more fashionable and stunning ivory wedding shoes.

The application of vintage style jewels and Swarovski crystal beading has absolutely vamped up the ivory wedding shoes world of fashion and to complete the look fabric has been pleated in order to harmonize the latest trends in wedding dresses. These trends have also included hand beading and lavish vintage features such as large handmade silk flowers and big satin bows.
The contest between the market leaders has made the wedding designers stand up and take note of the high street trends resulting in wonderful shoe shapes that compliment every foot, whether you have a preference for a high heel or a flat bridal pump there will be a pair of ivory wedding shoes for you.

The number one style for this season has to be the peep toe ivory wedding shoes which have been a famous high street trend. Now the peep toe has been revamped in silk and satins and made into the wedding shoe to be witnessed in this year. Good recommendations for the best peep toes are Rainbow Couture’s Santi and Hassall’s Sweet Briar. These stunning designs are now obtainable in ivory satin but silk seems to be a favorite option with modern brides, with the cost not being so out of the question brides can recognize afford a separate budget for their ivory wedding shoes and with most wedding shoe designers keeping the cost of silk shoes to a minimum has made silk very reasonably priced.

One problem that brides have found in the past with ivory wedding shoes is the possibility of getting water marks which are caused by rain and puddles particularly if you have a winter wedding or garden wedding theme. One of the most famous wedding shoe companies has now illuminated this problem with a waterproofing service that has never been obtainable before. This waterproofing system applies a finish to the ivory bridal shoes which lets the silk or satin leather like resistance water allowing you to keep your cherished ivory wedding shoes in perfect condition.