Junior Bridesmaid Gifts

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junior bridesmaid gifts

There are some important persons who participate to the success of your wedding. They play an important role. Among them are your junior bridesmaids. To appreciate what they have done for you, you can gift them with something that will always remind of you and your wedding. Here is a list of creative and thoughtful, but inexpensive gift ideas to let your junior bridesmaids know how you appreciative them and that they are a part of your most special day.

Glamour girls – If there are any of your junior bridesmaids who are budding beauty queens, you can look for a cute cosmetic bag that suits the color of their dresses and fill it with lots of fun goodies. Brushes and comb sets, hair accessories like barrettes and ponytail holders, age-appropriate make-up, and manicure supplies will gladden any girl and provide her everything she needs to gussy up for the big day.

Glittering gifts – Faux diamonds can be a young girl’s best friend. You can fill a fancy bag full of glittery trinkets, baubles, jeweled barrettes, toe rings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings. For an extra additional touch, you can include a jewelry making kit complete with beads, wire, earring backs, and clasps so she can make her own stunning fashions.

Craft bag – If your junior bridesmaid is a person who has a creative type, you can fill a bag or basket chock full of craft supplies. Coloring books, sketch pads, canvas, crayons, magic markers, colored pencils, paint sets, pastels, and paintbrushes will certainly be welcomed.

Book smarts – You can fill a basket with a number of classic books, bookmarks, night lights, and gift certificates to book stores for a unique gift that will let your bookworm know how much she means to you.

The sporting life – If your junior bridesmaid is a person who is interested in sports, you can find out just what she’s into and make her surprised with a bag which is filled with appropriate accessories. A personalized gym bag filled with items like sweat socks, jogging suits, and miniature soccer balls are sure to please the athletic junior bridesmaids.

The great outdoors – If any of the junior bridesmaids in your wedding party are nature lovers, you can create a special gift that integrates their love of the outdoors. Whether she’s a camper, a Girl Scout, or just interested in gardening, you can fill a planter or duffle bag with things like camping supplies, gardening tools, seed packets, pots, and planters to make a fun nature-themed gift.

Slumber party – There is nary a young girl who doesn’t love a slumber party. You can make a basket which is filled with pajamas, slippers, hot cocoa, popcorn, games, comfy socks, or even a nice sheet set or blanket. She’ll be the hit of the next slumber party and be thankful for your thought.

Sweet tooth – You can make a basket of delicious goodies that will please anyone’s sweet tooth. The possibilities are never-ending, and if you come about knowing the junior bridesmaid well enough, you can always find out what their favorite candies are and build a treat basket around them.

Gift certificates – If you aren’t certain what your junior bridesmaid’s hobbies are or what they may like to do, gifting those cards is the best way to go. In place of handing over a plain, boring envelope, put the gift cards in a small basket and fill it with generic items such as candy, lip gloss, pens, pencils or notepads.

unique junior bridesmaid gifts
Well, there are lots of ideas of gifts that you can find out. Being creative will be able to enable you to make unlimited gift ideas for your junior bridesmaids. Giving unique junior bridesmaid gifts will show how you really care of your junior bridesmaids.