The Best Beach Wedding Shoes

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slip on shoes for wedding

These days there are more and more couples who are going for having a beautiful wedding right on the beach. This location is very romantic to celebrate a marriage. With the natural resources like the wind, sun, waves, and beautiful natural setting of the beach make a perfect atmosphere for a wedding. Though, one thing that the bride will desire to plan for beforehand is the pair of wedding shoes that she will have on for the wedding. Getting the perfect option for beach wedding shoes can be difficult if not planned well previously. Brides cannot just walk all over the place barefoot on their special day. Consequently, pair of water resistant, low heeled wedding shoes is needed for a beach wedding. There are some best options for beach wedding shoes.

Slip-ons are one very practicable option that works for a lot of brides. They look very simple and compliment the “go for bare” theme of a beach wedding and have a very simple look. You will find them also very easy to add to and accessorize to your wedding colors and motif. Having a beach wedding enables the bride having to walk around a lot of beach sand both wet and dry. With a simple pair of beach wedding shoes such as slip-ons, it can be very easy to dust off the sand. With these shoes, sand will not get stuck between your toes and be a nuisance to clean up.

You can beautify your beach wedding shoes. It is usually best to make use of plain white slip on beach wedding shoes. You do not wish for your wedding shoes sticking out and drawing too much attention to your feet versus your wedding dress, consequently white is typically the best option. Nevertheless if you wish for using a number of colors like silver, gold, aquamarine, they frequently work well in small amounts. It is best to go slow with color and not add too much.

One more option for decorating the shoes is to add semi precious gemstones to the back strap of the shoe. You can almost always get something that will go well with the color of your wedding. For instance if the dominant color of your wedding then why not try a number of synthetic rubies. You can even employ these semi precious gemstones to make fun patterns or design motifs on the shoes.

The choice of fabric is really up to you. Something traditional like satin can work well. Nevertheless it is better not to try a leather slip-on beach wedding shoes. Leather is heavy and it will not dry very well once it gets wet. Synthetic leathers are fine since they are waterproof and are easier to accessorize. Gems and rhinestones are easier to stitch in or glued on synthetic leathers.

Slip-on beach wedding shoes made from organic materials like Abaca are getting recognition recently on account of its beige, nature-like color. Abaca slip-on beach wedding shoes come with simple and natural look which are perfect for a beach wedding. The only setback with Abaca slip-on beach wedding shoes is that they do not dry up easily when they are wet. The solutions with this is purchase a pair of Abaca slip-on beach wedding shoes for use on the sandy part, and buy a pair of synthetic leather slip-on beach wedding shoes  if you make a decision to go on partying along the shoreline.