Tips to Find the Right Pair of Ivory Wedding Shoes

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ivory wedge wedding shoes

Every bride wants her wedding to be perfect. That is why is she will do the best for everything she needs from accessories for her hair till the wedding shoes. The search for the perfect wedding shoes, even when you’ve narrowed it down to ivory wedding shoes, is still a long and can be difficult one. Here are some tips to follow to find the right pair of ivory wedding shoes.

The first one is determining your heel height. Now that you’ve chosen the color ivory for your wedding shoe, it is important to consider what heel height you desire your shoe to be at. This is vital, particularly if your fiancé is taller or shorter than you. Purchasing heels which are too tall or too short could make you look not balanced. And if you choose the heels that are too high, they will be very uncomfortable throughout the night as well. Thus, understand all of these considerations before selecting the heel height. Also, opt for a range for those ivory shoes so you can look for 2 inch to 2 and a half inch ivory shoe.

The second one is getting a swatch of your dress. Ivory comes in many different shades and there are a number of dresses that are a darker ivory while some are a much lighter ivory shade. You wish for your ivory bridal shoes to be either the same shade or a bit darker than your dress. A lighter ivory shoe will be obvious too much against the dress and will give the radiance in the dark outcome that you don’t desire. You wish for your wedding shoes to mix together with your attire and not to stand out too brightly against the ivory dress.

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The third one is searching early and looking all over the place. There are great bargains to be found for ivory wedding shoes, on condition that you look early and look all over the place. You can look in department stores and look online. One thing to know when shopping is that ivory bridal shoes are more likely found in online bridal shoe stores. It is much harder to go to a regular store and get particular shades of ivory since that color is so specialized. It will be very helpful if you can also ask salespeople for cream or beige which can be very near to the ivory color you are looking for.

The fourth one is ordering multiple pairs and seeing which one matches. There are a lot of different styles of shoes. You could get ivory wedge shoes, flat ivory shoes, ivory ballet slippers, and even an extra pair of ivory flip flops. It is very important to determine what type of shoe you wish for or order multiple pairs and then take them to your dress fitting to witness what you like. Only after you have them on with your dress will you see if they suit you. With your dress on, you can see the full effect of your outfit with your bridal shoes.

ivory ballet slippers for wedding

The last one is checking for the comfort. After receiving your ivory bridal shoes, it is vital to check them all to see which pair are the most comfortable. It is important not just look for something that is beautiful. Those beautiful wedding shoes could end up hurting your feet towards the end of the night. Or, if you desire those beautiful ivory shoes and they are not as comfortable, then you have to order a pair of wedding flip flops to match your ivory wedding shoes.