Understanding Gold Wedding Shoes

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gold wedding shoes

If you are a bride who is thinking about wearing gold wedding shoes for your wedding or if you are you considering them but not convinced how they will look with your wedding dress, here are some tips to figure out before you make a decision.

Color Themes – If you like the color gold, your wedding dress ivory or cream and your wedding dress are adorned with gold rhinestones on them, and then gold may be the right color for you. But if none of them does not belongs to you and your wedding dress has silver rhinestones, then you may desire to think about silver wedding shoes. The gold has to go harmoniously with your bridal dress and the beading on your dress, if not it will look funny.

gold wedding shoes with high heels

Sparkle – If you are seeking for something that sparkles and you wish for something that looks more toned down, gold has both a shinier color and a matte color if you desire to stick with it. The sparkle is truly attractive and really aids the shoe stand out. Also, depending on the style, it will sparkle in a different way. For instance, if you have strappy gold wedding shoes , then it will sparkle, but won’t be as intense as pumps since the straps are usually thin. Either way, make certain you are comfy with the sparkle of the gold.

Shade – It is also important to make sure that you recognize what shade of gold you wish for. In addition being matted or sparkly, gold also comes in a lot of tones. There is a deeper tone that looks closer to bronze and a lighter tone that looks closer to yellow. The deeper tone looks more traditional even though the lighter tone can be a little more girly and fun. One tip is to purchase two different pairs and attempt them on with your wedding dress. This way, you can distinguish how they accent your feet and your bridal dress at the same time.

Jewelry – A lot of women are inclined to possess silver wedding bands and silver engagement rings. If you are one of those women, you don’t have to feel worried. Gold and silver are being coupled together by lots of designers so you won’t have a problem if you desire to combine the two. If you do opt for gold wedding shoes, you can attempt to select a gold necklace and gold earrings to match. This will make everything more consistent.

gold wedding shoe

Gold is essentially a very traditional and elegant color. Nevertheless, it is necessary for you to make sure that you are comfortable with wearing gold wedding shoes since they have a tendency to look a bit more non-traditional than white or ivory wedding shoes. Also, bear in mind, gold wedding shoes will be a lot easier to have on in the future to your Christmas parties or any other cocktail parties or other special events that you will be going to.